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I am a professional Domme that is also very discreet. I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for over 18 years and I have been working with clients on a professional level many years now. I do have my own personal dungeon approximately 2 hours north of StLouis, Mo. and 1 1/2 hour from Springfield, IL and 5 hours south of Chicago. My dungeon includes a bondage room, suspension room, a medical room, and a fem room (to play with my live dollies). I have a vast assortment of tools of the trade and in an environment that helps to create a great experience.
My passion as a Dominatrix is to help you let loose of your inhibitions and help you achieve the freedom you desire to just loose yourself into your own realm. BDSM is a way in which you can let go of what everyone else perceives as your role and you can completely let yourself go into someone else who has control, so that you don't even have to think about anything else for that time. Be who you want or nobody, or just what someone else creates. I especially enjoy dressing people up to transform them into the girl they secretly always wanted to be but it only feels ok to do if they are forced to do so.
Whether you are into extreme fetishes or just wanting to do a little exploration as to what you might like, I can help you explore these things. Let me take you to your limits or even push a few boundaries. I do expect manners, respect, and the ability to follow my guidelines and rules. I can be very strict and demanding while also caring and nurturing. I do strongly adhere to safe words and those are established up front before anything else. I believe in SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual play).
I do go to several events every year and if you are interested in being my personal slave or offering your services at these events please send me a message. To schedule an appointment with me 
send me a message.
When communicating with me please remember to be respectful and use proper grammar. Address me as Mistress or Ma'am and be respectful of my time. I do accept appointments for men, women, and couples.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Measurements: Perfection

Shoe size: 10 US

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