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Church History


The Congregational Church was organized in 1859 and the property at the corner of 6th and Lyon Streets was chosen as the site of a new church. The church was built for a cost of $70,000. Conflicts arose among the members of the congregation and the building was sold to the Catholic Church in 1880 for a cost of $16,000. The Catholics remodeled the church for their use and it was dedicated on April 24, 1881 as Immaculate Conception Church.  

In July 1918, the Immaculate Conception Church conducted a dedication ceremony for its 106-star service flag. The stars were sewn on the flag in the shape of a cross. There were two gold stars, for Emmett Shields and George Walker. The flag was carried by mothers who had two or more sons at the front. They were followed by other mothers of men in the service. The pastor, Father Sullivan, gave a patriotic address. A war service flag “was a banner with a white field surrounded by a wide red border. A blue star was sewn on the white field for each man in the service; if the man lost his life the blue star was replaced by a gold star.”

By 1954, the Emmett J. Shields Post of the American Legion bought the building for their use.

By 1960 a bowling alley was built on the south side of the building and the grand opening was held
in August of 1960.  

In 1967, the steeple was removed.

During the last decade of the 20th Century an attempt was made to establish a dinner theater in the building.  

From 2001 - 2006, the Hannibal Community Theatre acquired the building and presented many hi quality theater productions.


Late 2012 - Present,  the building was purchased by Michael and Jackie Erwin, with the goal of restoring the building back into a useful active building agian. In this time the Church Building is host of a not for profit group, and has hosted many events such as Weddings, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties and the Miss River City Missouri Pageant ( a prelem for the Miss Gay Missouri Pageant )


The Haunted Church is a fundraising event that raises money for the maitanace and repairs for this historic building. 


Oh Yeah. This place is REALLY Haunted!

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